RoboTA data types and data sources

RoboTA reads in various types of data from different sources. The main data source documentation is included in the robota-core documentation. This documentation is supplementary to that, so you should read that documentation first.

robota-common-errors only makes use of a subset of the possible data types in robota-core and adds a single additional data type.

Data types

Issues, ci, repository and remote_provider are valid data types from robota-core. They are documented in the robota-core documentation.

There is one additional data type for robota-common-errors:


The location of the yaml file that defines the common errors.

Valid sources: local_path, gitlab

required keys:

  • file_name - The path of the file containing the mapping between names and email addresses

This keys may specify sub-folder(s) in the git repository, e.g.

file_name: config_files/error_definitions.yaml

Data Sources

Data sources are unchanged from robota-core.